“Playtime Interactive offers the perfect mix of creative vision and professional execution. Michael is not only a terrific source for breakthrough ideas and interaction design but also has the skills to map out the steps to get from concept to launch. Because his specialty is working to deliver curriculum through interactive gaming, he stays on top of the market and is always thinking about innovative ways to deliver content. Last but not least, Michael is a pleasure to work with and a great example of focus and positive energy within a team.”

Heather Regan Chief Product Officer, Fingerprint Digital July 6, 2016

“Michael Handelman’s creativity and fun spirit were unrivaled at LeapFrog. Michael was known for being able to take any bit of curriculum and spin it into an engaging experience with scores of innovative features. Michael was never one to do what was done before; he thrives on creating new ways of teaching and entertaining kids in a variety of interactive media.”

Susie Williams Senior Producer, LeapFrog July 6, 2016

“Michael is a focused, creative and tireless force in interactive game design. His dedication to detail and his creative energy are always an inspiration. Michael has a great instinct for creating age-appropriate content that is fun, educational, and innovative.”

Teresa Cameron Senior Producer July 6, 2016

“Michael is an exceptional designer of educational games for kids. He is very productive, works quickly and is thorough in his final products. Michael is a pleasure to work with; he is extremely independent while also being an excellent communicator and team player.”

Sara O'Hearn Director of Content, Panarea Digital July 6, 2016

“Michael is an inspiring designer and skilled project manager. He joined my team mid-development cycle and immediately added benefit to the team and his product. Michael is a pleasure to work with and always exceeds expectations!”

Torrey Monnich Director of Enterprise Product Management, Lynda.com July 6, 2016

“Michael is one of the most perceptive and intuitive product developers I have had the pleasure of working with, as his vision was an integral component in the development of the Tadami Video Playground. Michael’s understanding of how children interact with media and his ability to create interactive content for kids is world class. His skills and professionalism are an asset to any organization building media for children. I am looking forward to continuing to work with him as he focuses more deeply on content development. I will be watching everything he does as an example of where kids media needs to go.”

Kate Connally CEO and Co-Founder, Tadami Video Playground July 6, 2016

“Michael’s talent, thoughtfulness, dedication and tremendous creativity make him the ‘go-to’ producer for any project. When we needed to add fun to iQuest, redesign the Phonics series and bring the Fly pentop computer to life, Michael over delivered on all of our goals. I can not recommend Playtime Interactive more highly!”

Laura Donahue Principal Content Designer, LeapFrog Enterprises July 6, 2016

“I had the pleasure of working with Michael Handelman on a project where I was the Project Manager, and Michael was producing content on a brand new platform whose content had never been developed before. This meant that Michael had to work without knowing what the final content would look like on the platform, that he had to deal with many technical hurdles, and do it all on a tight time frame. Even with these obstacles, Michael managed to develop an incredibly fun product, expertly handling art, audio, software and licensors, all the while staying on budget and schedule. I never worried about Michael’s project as he kept it under control, creative and moving forward even when the scale of the project grew exponentially. I highly recommend Michael and Playtime Interactive.”

Bill Goodman Owner, Bill Goodman Consulting, LLC July 6, 2016

“Michael is great to work with; Razor sharp about educational game design. 
We had some serious challenges that he helped us overcome. Long after our contract was done, his work continues to benefit my project and team. 
Top of the list for producer and/or designer of educational games.”

Ed Annunziata CCO, Playchemy July 6, 2016

“I’ve known Michael throughout his career at LeapFrog, where he excelled as a producer and game designer. Michael brings a rare and admirable combination of playful creativity, empathy and pragmatism to his designs. He brings concepts to life in ways that sparkle, engage, teach and entertain. Through Michael’s company, Playtime Interactive, Michael designed several innovative music games and produced the ‘paper piano’ for Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen, a showcase application. I highly recommend Playtime Interactive, as Michael’s unique skills will add to any development effort.”

Jim Marggraff CEO, Livescribe July 6, 2016

“Michael and I worked together in the producer/design group at LeapFrog for several years. He’s an innovative, creative thinker and is responsible for the design and successful production of many outstanding products for Leapfrog. He’s cool under pressure, has a great sense of humor, and is a lot of fun to be around. Michael is a great addition to any team and I’d welcome the chance to work with him in the future.”

Jonathan Bach Sr. Product Manager, Zynga Mobile July 6, 2016